Tips for female entrepreneurs

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If you look back to earlier business failures and you feel that you could avoid them today, then you are on the right path. If you think you still wouldn’t be able to prevent them, it means you haven’t learnt enough, and the risk of the failure of your current/future businesses is bigger. Start learning from your mistakes!


Do not be afraid to ask for help. Talk about your problems to others and let them help you. As a woman, you can always find someone who is willing to help. Take the opportunity, but don’t abuse it!


Real failure does not exist. An unsuccessful project, job or task leaves you with many experiences and connections. You only have to be aware of the fact that the real lesson will only be clear after a couple of years have passed, when you can look back to your experiences as an outsider. It can be useful sometimes to go through your earlier failures and unsuccessful attempts, because some unexpected cause-effect relations can reveal themselves that you haven’t thought of before.


Make small goals, achievable in a couple of month, and big ones that take years to achieve. Small goals keep the business going, big ones show you the direction you’re heading.


Don’t be afraid to use the advantages of your womanhood, especially if you work in a field dominated by men. You will have to face a lot of disadvantages as a woman. Try to form these into advantages on the basis of the fact that your mere presence is a topic of conversation and newsworthy. Let your peers know your name, be easy to find.

New areas

Should you venture into a field that you are not familiar with? Can you learn the basics in 3 days? If not, drop the project!


Don’t be afraid to start a business without money. Real innovations are born from the lack of it, because you have to find the easiest and quickest solution to a problem.


Expectations should be determined by you, not your business partner or your circumstances. If you’re afraid you cannot meet the expectations, just remember that those are formed by you and no one else.


Success comes in two forms. There is success defined by others and success defined by you. You might not feel that you are successful yet others consider you such. The inner urge for success is a good thing, but don’t let it overwhelm you, because as much as it brings you forward, it can easily become a source of frustration.


Looking back, you will see lots of missed opportunities. Don’t let them upset you, it is part of how businesses go.

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