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fubenalvo: whimsebox: Lucie Veilleux tündéres mesés ékszerek jajnekem.

wolfdancer: The Wonderful Art of Paul Baliker ‘A call to action’: The vast sculpture carved from DRIFTWOOD with a message about how man holds the world’s fate his hands Sculptor Paul Baliker, 59, spent six months crafting his 13ft by 13ft masterpiece It is made entirely from cedar driftwood collected around the Gulf of Mexico… Continue reading

teaganwhite: My fabric collection, Fort Firefly, is now available for purchase! I worked with Birch Fabrics to create this line of playful woodland-inspired organic cotton fabrics featuring tree forts, campfires, fireflies, foxes, deer, raccoons, bunnies, and a girl named Penny. I’ll post some photos of the physical fabric this weekend too, so you can get… Continue reading

cjwho: House in Torres Vedras by Pedro Gadanho This house in Torres Vedras, Portugal, designed by Portuguese architect and designer Pedro Gadanho, is a colorful wonderland of eyecandy. I love how color is used to define space and highlight accents. CJWHO:  facebook  |  twitter  |  pinterest  |  subscribe


definemotorsports: Honda Life Touring ‘1972–74