The Wonderful Art of Paul Baliker

‘A call to action’: The vast sculpture carved from DRIFTWOOD with a message about how man holds the world’s fate his hands

  • Sculptor Paul Baliker, 59, spent six months crafting his 13ft by 13ft masterpiece
  • It is made entirely from cedar driftwood collected around the Gulf of Mexico
  • Teeming with wildlife like deer, giraffes, monkeys and dolphins, this sculpture bursts with the beauty of the natural world.

    At the centre, inexorably linked to each constituent part, is a man. He holds a globe in his hand to represent our dominant species’ unique duties as custodians of the planet.

    Crafted entirely from driftwood, the vast, thought-provoking masterpiece was created by sculptor Paul Baliker, 59, who describes it as a ‘call to action’.

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