teaganwhite: My fabric collection, Fort Firefly, is now available for purchase! I worked with Birch Fabrics to create this line of playful woodland-inspired organic cotton fabrics featuring tree forts, campfires, fireflies, foxes, deer, raccoons, bunnies, and a girl named Penny. I’ll post some photos of the physical fabric this weekend too, so you can get… Continue reading

cjwho: House in Torres Vedras by Pedro Gadanho This house in Torres Vedras, Portugal, designed by Portuguese architect and designer Pedro Gadanho, is a colorful wonderland of eyecandy. I love how color is used to define space and highlight accents. CJWHO:  facebook  |  twitter  |  pinterest  |  subscribe

whimsical-art: http://www.designboom.com/art/malika-favre-interview/

definemotorsports: Honda Life Touring ‘1972–74

kvetchlandia: Saul Steinberg         Undated

iamincharge: Vintage Mugshots from the 1920’s.